Argentian artists Sonsoles Romero and Martin Duarte of LOS AUTOMARTIN

dropped by Chérie to share their distinctive set—music that oscillates between electronic and rock paired with their own animations and videos. In celebration of their debut Ep “001,” Egon Elliut and Victor Tricard of イーティー E.T. opened for LOS AUTOMARTIN, delivering an unforgettable live techno performance. Tasty food was prepared by our lovely friend Ivonne from Brussels (LunchBxl).

Chérie has the perfect antidote for your Sunday blues: Chérie Sundays, a joyful monthly open-platform for all kinds of live cultural acts such as music, dance or theater performances, exhibitions, screenings and installations.

The idea was initiated by the Berlin based cultural association, Salon Pilot, run by an interdisciplinary group of friends from across Europe.

Photo by Jessica Wolfelsperger